New Karoshi and a status update!


He's coming...

Yup, so we’re working on a Karoshi game. We won’t say much (it’s a spoiler after all), but know that it’s a new game. And it’s called New Karoshi.

You Still Won’t Make It

We’re still working on that! We’re very nearly finished (we promise).

Jesse visited me (Uriel) in order to crank out some hardcore YSWMI work out, and, boy, did the game not grow? Lots of ideas have been pitched, a concrete ‘deadline’ (also known as really finish it this time line) was placed, and a few ‘last minute features’ have been planned.

Here’s Jesse working on a YSWMI level. He built an awesome level designer which I’ll surely use.

Other news…

We’re aware that some users of our Mac App Store games are experiencing difficulties. We’re aware of the problem and we’re migrating all the games to the newest GameMaker runner available… we hope this solves the issue for good. However… the new technology kind of breaks games in a bad way sometimes, so we’re taking a while updating stuff to make sure everything works nicely. :)

  1. orange08 wrote a comment on: 6 April, 2013 at 10:04 pm

    “New Karoshi” is the name of the game, eh?
    Then the next sequel can be called “Newer Karoshi”… and the following sequel, “Newest Karoshi”, the next “Newestest Karoshi”

    On a more serious note, is the “New Karoshi” going to be a free game or a commercial one?

  2. ugriffin wrote a comment on: 7 April, 2013 at 2:44 am

    ‘New Karoshi’ as a name was inspired by a title of another game which also starts with ‘New’ and which the Karoshi series parodies liberally. :)

    New Karoshi is a game meant to be run natively (e.g. it’s not in Flash), and, seeing as the whole VetraTeam is working on it, we’ll be approaching it from a similar angle as YSWMI quality wise. So, yes, it will be commercial.

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