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We can confidently say we’ve been quiet this 2012. But what have we been brewing over at Vetra Games HQ?

The first bit of news is that Uriel moved to England, coincidentally close to where Jake Almond (the local audio genius over here at Vetra Games) lives. Therefore, we can happily say that our evil plans for world domination have just progressed immensely, as we’re now a development team with a home base (England).

This also means that there’s been constant get-togethers to develop a bunch of evil new ideas. We’re working on a bunch of stuff that is sure to please fans of our different games, as well as some brand-new concepts that are sure to advance that world-domination bar a few more notches. All in all, exciting times!

(Jake stocking up on garlic bread)

We’re working on two iOS games that will one day be released, as well as You Still Won’t Make It (lots of news on that later!). We might as well reveal the names, and only the names! The first is called ‘Delver’. It is the fruit of a long design session between Jake and Uriel. The second one is called ‘Brigands’.

We’ve already set to work on these concepts… more or less.

(The team pretending to work)

These games should be up and about on iOS and Android soon. We’re also working with Jesse on a bunch of ideas that should bring much needed awesome to the iOS platform, and maybe Android too!

As you can see, everyone is having fun, including Jake’s budgie, Tetsu (shown above), who (successfully) attempted to poop on Jake’s keyboard and also destroyed (both of) Uriel’s laptops.

You Still Won’t Make It

In that front, we’ve got many, and all awesome news! First and foremost, we’d like to welcome the awesome Jesse Venbrux, who joined both the DevTeam and the YSWMI team! He’ll provide some awesome level design to an already awesome looking (and playing!) game.

We realise that we have delayed YSWMI, but trust us, it’s for the best. The game is looking *fantastic* and we’re hoping to delight all the fans of the original as well as bring in new ones.

Some Pics of Progress:

To Finalise…

It’s an exciting 2012. We’re all excited over here at some of the stuff we’re working on, and the possibilities that it holds.

We’d like to thank all of our supporters in 2011. Thanks for playing our games. Thanks for your likes, your retweets. Thanks for reading this site. It would all be impossible without all of you. You’re all awesome.

We’re trying to make 2012 even more awesome. We can’t wait to show you guys what’s in the works.

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