You Still Won’t Make It: out now!

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It’s here! You Still Won’t Make It is now available for Windows, Mac, and Windows 8! Awesome ad:

Buy You Still Won’t Make It (and we’ll love you forever! :D) through its official page, where you can buy it through our Humble widget (for PC and Mac), and the Windows Store (for Windows 8).

What about… ?

Desura: Desura has unfortunately failed to review and approve our game in time for YSWMI’s launch on the 30th of July. Rest assured that we’ve already uploaded builds of YSWMI to Desura and it’s only a matter of time before the game becomes available on Desura. Also, if you buy the game through our Humble widget, you’ll get a free Desura key along with the PC and Mac versions, so there’s no reason to wait. :)

Mac App Store:¬†We haven’t yet submitted the game to Apple, as we thought we’d get some reviews out and some noise going before we make the game available there. Don’t worry, it’s coming.

Linux: We’re experimenting with a Linux (specifically, an Ubuntu) port, and should we make it available existing buyers who get the game through our website’s Humble widget and Desura should automatically get it.

Other Platform/Store: Let us know if you’d like to see YSWMI in ‘X’ platform or store, and if we see enough interest we might consider it. :)

Update schedule?

We’re already working on Update 1 for YSWMI. It should include the 18 Classic levels from ‘You Probably Won’t Make It’ as well as fixes for any bugs that may have slipped past us. Updates further down the line should include World 4 and a level editor (which is in the planning stage) as well as the (potential) aforementioned Linux port. We’ll talk more about Update 1 and beyond when we have more concrete details.

Other stuff?

Well, we’ve worked for a while on this game, so we really hope you enjoy it. We’ll be supporting it for a while with new levels, features, and more. Any suggestions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks for buying!

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