You Still Won’t Make It… release date announced!

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As the (hastily made, rubbish) graphic says, we’ve slated YSWMI for a 30th of July, 2013 release! YSWMI will be available for Windows and Mac through our website (at launch date), Desura, the Mac App Store, and the Windows 8 Store (dependent on each individual store’s release date). All for the very awesome price of $5 USD! That’s about the price of a coffee at your favourite overpriced local coffeeshop, so we hope we can see you playing from launch date. :)

To celebrate, we’ve created our very own Vetra Games Newsletter! We plan to give away free copies of YSWMI via this newsletter, our Twitter account, and Facebook page, so be sure to sign up, follow, and like today!


We also are pleased to announce we’ve localised You Still Won’t Make It to Spanish, French, and Dutch (and we’re looking at pushing further localisations down the line), so be sure to let your non-English speaking friends know about the game!

… So what is YSWMI anyways?

For those who are not familiar with the series, You Still Won’t Make It is the sequel to the hit You Probably Won’t Make It by Jesse Venbrux, which was well received by Mac and PC users everywhere. The new game features:

  • Over 50 new levels (with a promise to add more via updates)
  • Fancy new graphics
  • New game features
  • An amazing soundtrack by maestro Jake Almond
  • Gamepad support
  • Crazy new level designs by Jesse Venbrux
  • Guaranteed updates with new levels/features/etc.


We’ve worked very hard on this game for a fairly long time, so it’s great to finally announce its release date. We really hope you enjoy it when it’s out, so be sure to mark the release date on your calendar. :)

Also, we’re really proud to announce that we’ll be submitting this game to YoYo Games’ Win Big competition, so please wish us the best of luck, as the prize money will help towards future YSWMI updates and new games (like New Karoshi) which you should look forward to. :)

Check out a soundtrack sample and some awesome screenshots:

yswmi yswmi2 yswmi3 yswmi4 yswmi5

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