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We’re happy to report that You Still Won’t Make It has been greenlit on Steam Greenlight! YSWMI is going to be on Steam!


We still need to work on a lot of things before an actual YSWMI release on Steam (such as achievements, integration with the Steam API, etc), as well as finish YSWMI: Update 2, but you can expect to see YSWMI up on Steam very soon!

All existing IndieGameStand, Humble Bundle Widget, and Desura customers will be eligible for free Steam keys once the game is released. Mac App Store, Windows Store and Ubuntu Software Centre customers are unfortunately ineligible as sales are handled by their respective store owners (so no way to verify purchases) and they don’t provide mechanisms for Steam keys and the like.

YSWMI Update 2

With all this news, we think we need to clue you in on YSWMI Update 2! Update 2, the “Greenlight Update”, will include new levels, features, and bugfixes:

  • World 4 Levels
  • Level Editor/Custom Levels/Custom Worlds
  • Graphical improvements and bugfixes, especially on Mac OS X.
  • Achievements (on selected platforms)

We’re working hard on YSWMI Update 2 and it should be released in roughly one or two months.

New Karoshi

Development around our new title, New Karoshi is ramping up! All we can say at the moment is that New Karoshi is being developed using the Unity engine, and that it features advances lighting.

New Karoshi will have a far deeper story and themes than its predecessor, and much higher production value. Our aim is to make New Karoshi a far bigger, better, and more immersive game than anything we’ve ever done before. You’ll start hearing more from us about New Karoshi in the coming months.

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