New Karoshi and a status update!


He's coming...

Yup, so we’re working on a Karoshi game. We won’t say much (it’s a spoiler after all), but know that it’s a new game. And it’s called New Karoshi.

You Still Won’t Make It

We’re still working on that! We’re very nearly finished (we promise).

Jesse visited me (Uriel) in order to crank out some hardcore YSWMI work out, and, boy, did the game not grow? Lots of ideas have been pitched, a concrete ‘deadline’ (also known as really finish it this time line) was placed, and a few ‘last minute features’ have been planned.

Here’s Jesse working on a YSWMI level. He built an awesome level designer which I’ll surely use.

Other news…

We’re aware that some users of our Mac App Store games are experiencing difficulties. We’re aware of the problem and we’re migrating all the games to the newest GameMaker runner available… we hope this solves the issue for good. However… the new technology kind of breaks games in a bad way sometimes, so we’re taking a while updating stuff to make sure everything works nicely. :)

You Still Won’t Make It Music!

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Vetra Games’ audio genius, Jake Almond, has been hard at work completing You Still Won’t Make It’s soundtrack. It consists of 4 (!) songs for the game itself, plus one for the main menu. Here’s one of them!

The soundtrack itself is brilliant, we can’t wait for you to hear it! You can see more screenshots of the game on our Facebook Page. Also, for more news, follow us on Twitter.

If you wish to hire Jake to get some of his music goodness on your own game, you can find him here.

Vetra Games 2012


We can confidently say we’ve been quiet this 2012. But what have we been brewing over at Vetra Games HQ?

The first bit of news is that Uriel moved to England, coincidentally close to where Jake Almond (the local audio genius over here at Vetra Games) lives. Therefore, we can happily say that our evil plans for world domination have just progressed immensely, as we’re now a development team with a home base (England).

This also means that there’s been constant get-togethers to develop a bunch of evil new ideas. We’re working on a bunch of stuff that is sure to please fans of our different games, as well as some brand-new concepts that are sure to advance that world-domination bar a few more notches. All in all, exciting times!

(Jake stocking up on garlic bread)

We’re working on two iOS games that will one day be released, as well as You Still Won’t Make It (lots of news on that later!). We might as well reveal the names, and only the names! The first is called ‘Delver’. It is the fruit of a long design session between Jake and Uriel. The second one is called ‘Brigands’.

We’ve already set to work on these concepts… more or less.

(The team pretending to work)

These games should be up and about on iOS and Android soon. We’re also working with Jesse on a bunch of ideas that should bring much needed awesome to the iOS platform, and maybe Android too!

As you can see, everyone is having fun, including Jake’s budgie, Tetsu (shown above), who (successfully) attempted to poop on Jake’s keyboard and also destroyed (both of) Uriel’s laptops.

You Still Won’t Make It

In that front, we’ve got many, and all awesome news! First and foremost, we’d like to welcome the awesome Jesse Venbrux, who joined both the DevTeam and the YSWMI team! He’ll provide some awesome level design to an already awesome looking (and playing!) game.

We realise that we have delayed YSWMI, but trust us, it’s for the best. The game is looking *fantastic* and we’re hoping to delight all the fans of the original as well as bring in new ones.

Some Pics of Progress:

To Finalise…

It’s an exciting 2012. We’re all excited over here at some of the stuff we’re working on, and the possibilities that it holds.

We’d like to thank all of our supporters in 2011. Thanks for playing our games. Thanks for your likes, your retweets. Thanks for reading this site. It would all be impossible without all of you. You’re all awesome.

We’re trying to make 2012 even more awesome. We can’t wait to show you guys what’s in the works.

Status Update


We’ve been deep at work over here at Vetra Games, so we decided to do a post with an update on the new stuff we’ve been working on!

You Still Won’t Make It

We’re still busy developing You Still Won’t Make It. However, the game is taking shape now! Here’s a development screenshot of the game (click to enlarge):

We still need to add a lot of things, (blood, maybe?), but the game is doing great progress. We expect that the game will have much more levels than the original, with perhaps a few levels inspired by the old game. Additionally, the game will have new gameplay features: you can see some of them there!

We can’t say when exactly it is coming out, but it should be out soon.

App Composer

We’ve released a new version of App Composer!

The new version (1.3) includes sandboxing and improved packaging that targets GameMaker developers. We also messed up the update system, so you might want to get this via a manual download. The update system is fully functional in this version, however! Get it here!


We’ve released a new version of 39dylib (which is a programming extension for Game Maker). This new version features Windows networking, iOS networking, the 39dylib comscripts, and more. We’ve also released the source! Get it here!

In other news…

  • We’re updating the price sidebar in order to reflect prices in US dollars, British Pounds, and Euros.
  • We’re tentatively planning a new game. We’re not saying what!
  • We’re almost finished with GMBox2D.

Announcing: Karoshi Factory!

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Everyone’s favourite suicidal salaryman returns! Get Karoshi Factory today, and help Mr. Karoshi and his friends end their lives in this installment of the popular series!

Get the game here!


Karoshi Factory Trailer

Happy 4 years!


So, good ol’ Vetra Games turns 4 today! :D

We shall celebrate with a totally real and not fake ‘4’ candle.

So yep, happy 4 years! Here’s to many more! :)

YPWMI reviewed on German MACeasy Magazine!

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We’re pleased to announce that You Probably Won’t Make It was reviewed on printed German magazine MacEASY. We’re pretty happy that YPWMI is getting this sort of exposure!

The sequel to YPWMI, “You Still Won’t Make It”, is in development and should be out this year.

You can read the excerpt of the magazine containing the review here.


Development image of YSWMI


You Still Won’t Make It announced!

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The long-awaited sequel to You Probably Won’t Make It has been announced!

You Still  Won’t Make It, the sequel to You Probably Won’t Make It, has been announced via issue 11 of indie(Magazine). There’s an exclusive article covering the game, and you can get the magazine here!

We hope to provide more details as time goes on (although the magazine provides plenty!). However, you’ll be pleased to know that the game is in an advanced stage of development, which means that it should be out soon-ish. :)

So, what’s the plan for world domination?


So, what’s our plan for world domination? :)

The new website…

This is our new website! It should be 90% done by this point… as you can see, it’s prettier, more browsable, and made by this awesome guy called Łukasz Andrzejowski (who also designed MoaCube‘s website). We hope that this’ll become our permanent site for a while.

The new games…

We have a couple of games in the workshop, ready soon! Karoshi Factory should be out in September 6th! This time Mr. Karoshi is not the only one who is feeling suicidal, and it’s up to you to help him and his buddies find new ways to kill themselves!

We’re getting ready to announce something from HiVE, but it’s currently deep in development (and stuck in a dimensional paradox of unfinished OGG playback technologies!). Expect some news soon.

We’re also set to announce a new game we’ve been developing ourselves, sometime next week, so keep your eyes peeled. We’re planning to make the incursion back into Windows development with this new game. :D

The future…

We’ve got some stuff in the planning and some in the dimension of developer procrastination, but we’re pretty excited about what is coming for the future! YoYo Games just recently announced GameMaker HTML5, and we’re expecting to adopt it and use it to develop various new exiting things! YoYo Games has also said that Game Maker Studio is in the works, which should allow for iOS and Android publishing! Rest assured that the evil Vetra Games DevTeam is already planning (and procrastinating!) on what game we’ll develop for the platform. >:D

All in all, exciting times. :3

Under (re)construction

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We’re currently undergoing a site re-construction process. If some bits and pieces are missing or anything tried to bite your leg off – well, bear with us! :P It should be over soon. :)

Most content should already be online and new content is constantly coming in! So feel free to browse our website. :D