About Vetra Games

Vetra Games is a small international team of indie developers, based around the world. We develop games we think we’d like to play, and try to make them as polished, beautiful, immersive, and fun to play as possible. We think that’s all that’s needed.

Vetra Games was founded on September 9th, 2007. And we have a press kit!

Find us at:
DesuraIndie DB
• The DevTeam is…

Uriel Griffin (ugriffin)

He’s a game designer and programmer at Vetra Games. He also likes to pretend he’s the head of Vetra Games. He doesn’t laugh quite as manically as Jake, but he also enjoys feeding his budgie spinach and other related evil activities. Fun fact: He’s vegetarian.

Website | Twitter | You can contact me at ugriffin at vetragames.com

Jake Almond

Jake does music and audio for Vetra Games. A bit of a musical genius, he enjoys laughing manically, feeding his budgies spinach, and Chinese food from across that dodgy looking council housing block. He lives in the United Kingdom. Fun fact: He’s an awesome dancer.

Website | Twitter | You can contact Jake via his website.

Martin Crownover (FredFredrickson)

Martin is the local graphics genius at Vetra Games. He lives in the mysterious, wild land of California (in the even wilder United States), and likes to draw with chalk on the sidewalk. And does random sketches. Fun facts: Drives a Sentra. Hates Apple. Loves Microsoft.

Website | Twitter | You can contact Martin via his website.

Jesse Venbrux (2DCube)

Jesse works as another game designer at Vetra Games, besides his work at Bit Ate Bit. He enjoys hunting for good mexican food, correcting Uriel’s crappy Japanese, and eating 4AM tacos. He lives in the Netherlands. Fun fact: His girlfriend got him to dye his hair blond.

Website | Twitter | You can find Jesse via his website.


We work with:


HiVE are another small indie dev team, specialising in highly polished, hand-drawn games with high-quality sound and music. We work with them by porting their existing PC-only work to Mac, and putting it up on the Mac App Store for lucky Mac users to grab and play!

Website | Facebook | You can contact them via their website.

Łukasz Andrzejowski

A talented web designer who coded the Vetra Games website you see. We highly recommend his work!

If you wish to hire Łukasz, feel free to check out his portfolio.